Toilet Training Made Simple


You Record Your Dog

We Will Predict Their Patterns


You Record Your Dog

We Will Predict Their Patterns


Great for potty training ★★★★★

I have used this app for one day and it already is really helping me and my puppy get on a schedule! He was 4 for 4 today going potty outside! Thank you 🐶 totally worth the $1.99

- LaurenLa

Makes toilet training so easy! ★★★★★

An excellent app to keep track of puppy's needs. Toilet training is so simple now!

- ChristieJ

Improvement over what I was doing! ★★★★

It s a great improvement and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Pretty accurate predictions on intervals! Very good aid that actually trains the owner & the pup at the same time. Highly recommend this app! Our pup is 95-98 % trained

- Alvarohenrique

So far so good! ★★★★★

What a great tool for predicting potty patterns! Love it so far.

- Annette0004

Great for new puppy owners everywhere ★★★★★

This a great, we are first time puppy owners and there is so much to learn. Housetraining is do time consuming but this app takes some off the stress out of it. After entering a few puddles and piles it creates a log and sends u a notification predicting when your pup may need a puddle or pile. It's been spot on so far, only been using it for 2 days but am loving it

- Brody's mum

Potty trained my puppy from day 1 ★★★★★

I've always been really terrible at potty training puppies. I lose track of time and they have accidents. This app is absolutely perfect because it learns from your puppy and it alerts you when they need to go out. My puppy has megaesophogus so I have to be really on top of when I feed him and his made it easy to keep track of feedings as well. It takes the thinking and planning out of house training a puppy. I use this app constantly and we haven't had any accidents since the first day I started using it. I downloaded a few apps to see what worked best for us, but this one is my favorite because there's no unnecessary junk. The other ones seemed like they wanted you to write a dissertation on your puppy. I really just need to know when to take him out. This is simple, adorable, easy, and effective. By the way, this is my first time writing an app review! I liked the app that much that I felt obligated to, lol.

- Thea252

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Paul Manser

Developer & Designer

20 years of development experience in many places. AKA "Dad".

Fiona Manser

Documentation & Testing

6 years of Guide Dog puppy raising. AKA "Mum".

Keren Manser


Not much experience but a great eye for design. AKÀ "Care Bear"

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